So it was “Sant Antoni” 2020

The winter in Els Port is lived differently, since in many other places, the end of the Christmas holidays mark its beginning of the year with that typical January, well known for becoming uphill. For our luck, in the Region the beginning of the year and winter solstice always come marked, as it is said in that popular Valencian saying: “dels porrats de giner, Sant Antoni es el primer”  and so it is, the year starts with strength and becomes a non-stop party as one of the most awaited by some and favorite for many, it is the traditional feast of San Antonio Abad, where fire and animals become protagonists.

This party, which has increased its popularity in recent years nationwide, becomes one of the favorite winter celebrations, expanding throughout January and almost all February (and even in some villages, starting already in December) full of events and activities, highlighting the traditional collected malea, bonfires and the blessing of animals.

We and only a last people for celebrating (Ares) is, so to doors to close its edition 2020, we can say it has been one of the most wonderful and anecdotal celebration that we will remember not only for the interruption of the famous storm Gloria, which covered the region of white snow and immobilized it for a few days, but also for the advancement of spring that came a week after this and of course, the great reception given to this feast by outsiders, as the goodwill and amazing job of the mayorales from each town where it was celebrated.

We can only say that until next year and visca Sant Antoni!