The “historic” snowfall in Els Ports

The pass of La borrasca Gloria did not leave anyone indifferent on the coast of Catalonia and Valencia, causing noise in the Els Ports region. Thus, last Sunday, January 19 of the newly released year 2020, the surrounding villages were surprised by a snowfall, already classified as “historic” by the Diputació de Castelló, which left its inhabitants incommunicado for 4 days when the snow did not cease of falling; There was no such situation since the snowfall of 2017.

The Generalitat Valenciana established emergency level 1 for snowfall in this region, thus canceling the planned San Antonio events and keeping schools, services and shops closed due to the storm. So that the Provincial Fire Consortium was joined by the Military Emergency Unit (UME) to help with the removal of snow inside, where the accumulated snow marked up to a meter high.

There is no doubt that ‘Gloria’ has been the most intense storm this winter, but they say  “The calm after the storm”  and never better, apart from the damage caused, it has also given us beautiful landscapes covered in white in the villages of Els Ports. Here you have some images.