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We invite you to discover the natural beauty and rich history of this region through 80 exciting routes designed for walkers, runners and cyclists, both mountain and road.

7 Pobles

The 7 Pobles Route is a circular route that traverses paths and trails of great scenic beauty and natural value. The route starts and ends in the charming village of El Boixar.


The long-distance paths, known by the abbreviation GR, are itineraries that require more than one day and that take more than 50 kilometres.

The GR are marked with white and red signals.

GR7 on 4 routes

GR331 Camí de Conquesta

Camí de Conquesta is a circular route in the Els Ports region, a long-distance trail or GR that traverses spectacular landscapes, crossing mountains, rivers, and valleys. With 166 km distributed over 15 stages.


The Local Trails, with a maximum length of 10 km, are designed to access a nearby place of interest or to take a unique route: water route, mills, etc.

They are marked with white and green signals.


The short distance paths, known by the abbreviations PR, are pedestrian itineraries with a length between 10 and 50 kilometres, with a maximum of one day.

 The PR are marked with white and yellow signals.


The Els Ports region is a true paradise for lovers of mountain biking, trail running and hiking.

With its diverse terrain that includes mountains, forests and winding trails, it offers a perfect setting for various mountain bike and mountain bike races and tests.


The Els Ports region is a true treasure for cycle tourism fans.With its impressive natural landscapes and a network of well-designed routes, this area is perfect for cyclists seeking unique adventures on two wheels.


The Els Ports mountain bike routes are designed for all levels, from beginners to the most experienced cyclists.The diversified terrain offers exciting challenges such as steep climbs and fast descents, guaranteeing an adrenaline-filled adventure for mountain biking enthusiasts.

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