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Sorita is a town located on the banks of the river Bergantes and bordering the province of Teruel, in Aragon. 3 km away from the town center, we find an extraordinary monument: The Sanctuary of la Mare de Déu de la Balma. This sanctuary, which dates from the 14th century and is consecrated to the Virgin of la Balma, is located on a rock, taking advantage of the natural shelter to build the complex with a curious bell tower and an inn. La Balma has witnessed many stories and legends, becoming a center of pilgrimage against possessed people. On the outside, you can visit the Creu Coberta  (Covered Cross), which is one of the most beautiful crosses of the ancient Crown of Aragon, and a dome that houses some frescoes by Cruella. The river Bergantes flows through the mountains and is a great attraction especially in the summer, since it is a popular bathing area. In the town center, you can walk through steep and irregular streets and admire its solid stone houses with wooden balconies and eaves. In the main square it stands the church, which dates from the 18th century and has three naves, a crossing and a dome with interesting frescoes by Cruella. The remains of the wall reach the castle, an ancient mansion of the 14th century that still preserves its splendid façade.



Sanctuary of la Mare de Déu de la Balma: This sanctuary, from the 14th century, has a bell tower and an inn built years later. 3 km away from the town and was declared Historic-Artistic Site. The sanctuary is emblematic because of its location and devotion, since it is located inside a cave in a rock in front of the river Bergantes and became a place of pilgrimage to treat possessed people. Outside, we can find la Creu Coberta, one of the most beautiful crosses of the ancient Crown of Aragon.

Remains of the castle and the Town Hall: The castle consists of a mansion with a simple but splendid façade of the 14th century. The Council dates from the 14th century and stands out for its carved eaves.


“Fonts calentes”, “Font del Planell”, “Font dels Cabezos” and the river Bergantes: hot and medicinal springs alongside the river Bergantes which maintain a constant temperature throughout the year. The river has several pools where both locals and visitors can take a bath.

Estret del Barranc del Pardo: this strait can only be accessed by hiking trails. You can enjoy nature in its entire splendor in this deep canyon.
” Paratge dels Bons Mossos”: setting with pine trees of huge dimensions.

Masos (farmhouses), Mills and Towers: In the municipality of Sorita, civil constructions with a long history, such as the Mas de la Vilà, with a mill known as el Molí de la Vilà, where there is still an old textile factory, El Molí del Xorrador or El Molí del Poble. There are also remains of houses that had been defensive constructions in the past,  although they are very damaged, like La Torre Beana and La Torre Colomer.



Church built in the middle of the 18th century, with three naves, crossing and dome with interesting frescoes painted by Cruella
Ermita de Sant Marc: from the 16th century, this shrine located at the top of a mountain over 1,000 meters, lets us enjoy stunning views.


Festivities in honor of the Virgen de la Balma

During this celebration, the “Fight of the Angel and the Devil” takes place, in which good prevails over the evil. They are the most popular festivities of the year and there is great participation, with parties, bulls, cultural events and children ….

Date: 7th, 8th and 9th of September

Sant Antoni

Main celebration of winter

Date: January

Pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of La Balma

Date: 1st of May

Romería a Sant Marc

Date: April 25th

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