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Early Music Morella is an International Festival and Course of Medieval and Renaissance Music specialized in the musical heritage of the 10th to 16th centuries, which arose from the lack of studies and the need to disseminate this unique repertoire, the priority to offer tourist activities of cultural excellence aimed at all audiences, and which only make sense together with the richness of our historical-artistic heritage. Morella has established itself as the most important and international early music center in the Valencian Community with this course and festival, which has been organized at the end of July since 2012. This meeting brings together hundreds of people who come to the town to enjoy of a unique tourist proposal, made up of a course and concerts performed by international groups and performers of great prestige and recognition specialized in early music. In addition, these shows are held in places of great historical importance in Morella, such as the Gothic rooms of the town hall, the Convent of Sant Francesc or the Basilica, transporting attendees to another era with music and stage.< /p>

From this Friday until July 26, you can enjoy this great festival of ancient and Renaissance music. Here you can see the programming:

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